Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chelsea Art Museum - July 21st, INNER FLICKERING LIGHT

Lindsay Jones is a fashion designer for Outlaws of the Border. When she was approached to put together a show unlike the conventional runway show, she envisioned LIGHT. She wanted to incorporate themes of a seance, ethereal music, darkness as well as lightness. Her vision came to fruition with everything in place at exactly when it needed to be. John Magee did the music and for thirty minutes, three beautifully dressed dancers, dressed in mostly paper, swayed to the music lit from within. There were many things we didn't anticipate, such as the loud crinkling sound of the paper during each movement, dresses detaching in certain moments...but also, just how beautiful it all looked and came together. It was a learning experience as artists collaborating on how the next one will be executed...because, there will be a next one. I was lucky enough to be asked by Lindsay to participate in this endeavor. It was one of the most pivotal moments of my art career, a jump off point of where my art can and will go. To see more (and better) photos, check out and

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