Thursday, August 14, 2008


While in Barcelona, for three glorious weeks, I drew over 300 flowers. They are appropriately called Barcelona Flowers. I was influenced, of course, by Gaudi, the artist/architect who is responsible for many beautiful buildings in Barcelona. Even the sidewalk tiles were designed by him. I wanted to draw more than just flowers during my stay there but after a page of them, I couldn't stop. And I drew them everywhere, the park, the beach, at the Miro Museum. I was lucky enough to be a stone's thrown away from 4 Cats, a cafe where Picasso had his very first exhibition. I've shared the Barcelona Flowers with many of my friends. I still have a few of them but I like the idea of them dispersing into the world. I hope to visit Barcelona again and maybe next time, I'll get to stay longer and perhaps make hundreds more of these flowers.