Thursday, August 22, 2013

CITIBIKE Street Mural in TriBeCa

I entered a design a few months ago to the NYC DOT (Department of Transportation) Urban Arts Program to paint a mural at one of the Citibike Stations. And yes, my design was chosen. On August 20th, a group of volunteers helped me paint the blue background. It took about 4 hours under the hot sun. The next day, another group of volunteers from New York Cares helped me paint the stencils in. It was another super hot day but everyone was so amazingly fast and diligent that all I really did was place the stencils. We started at 10 am and finished at 2 pm. TriBeCa is very special to me since I've worked at three different bars/restaurants in the neighborhood. The coffee shop, Pecan, which is located right in front of the mural, is where I used to get coffee on the way to Devin Tavern, a restaurant that no longer exists but where I first learned to make proper cocktails. I feel absolutely honored and proud to have been chosen for this project.