Sunday, April 27, 2008

How you doin'?

I was asked recently about what the purpose of my art is. It was an interesting and intriguing question. It's sort of like having to define art, or life for that matter. What is art? Marcel Duchamp, a Dadaist/Surrealist, took a urinal and exhibited it and titled it 'Fountain'. His main purpose, I suppose, was to address that question. And there was Magritte, who did a painting of a pipe with a caption underneath saying 'C'est n'est pas une pipe' [This is not a pipe].

I can't really fully define what the purpose of my art is. I just paint. It's my life. I question myself everyday, wondering what I'm doing and if all this is worth it. Well, the latter can be easily answered. Yes, it's worth it. I just came back from San Francisco and Los Angeles. I sold a painting in San Francisco. It was pretty exciting to see a red dot next to the sold painting. And in Los Angeles, I saw some amazing art (Swoon, Kara Walker, etc.) and I was able to visit my alma mater, Art Center. I happened to be there during their grad show and I was blown away by the presentations. So, the purpose of my art, just like the purpose of life, is one and the same. It's about survival - it's the ability to just keep doin'.

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