Monday, June 20, 2011

Bugaboo Stroller Design Contest

I entered a design for Bugaboo for their new denim collection on their strollers. True Blue is the tagline and I entered this design because it reminds me so much of being in the water. There are a lot of contests these days. I chose this specific one to enter because I would like to get into textile design. It was fun transferring my artwork onto the templates Bugaboo provided. The most votes get to the Top 50 and from that 3 winners will be chosen. The top 3 will then be on the Bugaboo Facebook page in which the winner will be the one with the most votes.

**7/3/11 - Well, I didn't win this one but it was great to see so many people supporting me in getting to the top 50.


L said...

Hi Veraluna! Did you do this in illustrator? I have a shop, and i would love to have the files for this, without the pattern, Just to use it for my customers to see all the colors I offer my products on. If you could send me the files, it would be awesome. Not the pattern, not the design, just the basic bugaboo structure.
Thank you so much, feel free to email me if you decide to go ahead!

Emily Caisip said...

Hi L,
I was provided this template on this particular Bugaboo contest. I may still have the template so if you e-mail me, I'll look for the template and e-mail it to you.
Thank You,