Friday, May 16, 2008

recent work

Top panel - 'Did You Find What You Were After', acrylic and ink on canvas, 12 canvases each at 12" X 12", 2007, $4500
Second and Third panel - individual canvases from Top panel. - each piece is $400
Fourth Panel - two canvases side by side - each piece is $400


Neil said...
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Neil said...

Hi Emily! I didn't want the world to read my note to you but I don't have your email address and decided to write you on your blog instead. I must say that you are so talented! I'm impressed with your paintings! I'm bummed, though, as I didn't know that you were in Pasadena recently. I work in Pasadena and live nearby. Pls let me know when you'll come to Pasadena again. Take care.

Christian Alzmann said...